blu_x_channel (blu_x_channel) wrote in daily__fashion,

where youre from:Mass

+5 bands:Fall Out boy, Taking Back Sunday, Howie Day, The Police, The postal service
+5 movies:center stage, thirteen, the notebook, charlie and the chocolate factory, wedding crashers
+5 books:harry potter, gossip girl, georgia nicolson series, in my brother's image, jane eyre

favorite designer:Marc Jacobs
favorite item of clothing of yours [picture if availible]:Cropped mens pants that say "carpe diem" around the waistband from urban outfitters
favorite store:urban outfitters, second time around

tell us where to find a bargain:target
tell us where we can fucking splurge:bloomingdales

something unique about you:i am something different when it comes to fashion in my group of friends
something unique about your style:ill wear whatever, whenever

favorite makeup brand:urban decay
any tips to give:try new things even if you're unsure about color or style

2+ pictures of you:(I'll post them laterzzz, (I need to take new ones)
anything else we should know?:anything you want to kno ask me! (aim: Howie Day says)
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