kuhhryyyssstiiinnn (xwasteofpaint__) wrote in daily__fashion,

name: kristin edwards
age: 15
where youre from: floridaa

+5 bands: slightly stoopid, wheatus, the postal service, senses fail, fall out boy
+5 movies: eternal sunshine, super troopers, virgin suicides, the breakfast club, drive me crazy

+5 books: the perks of being a wallflower..  i dont read much

favorite designer: chanel
favorite item of clothing of yours [picture if availible]:
urban outfiters aqua skirt(sorry i couldnt find a picture of it online)

put together an outfit and show us your shitttt:

favorite store: urban outfitters, delias, hollister

tell us where to find a bargain: platos closet!!
tell us where we can fucking splurge: ^

something unique about you: alot of people like my style
something unique about your style: its differnt i guess. i wear what i want, when i want.

favorite makeup brand: MAC
any tips to give: is orange self-tanner completely necessary?

2+ pictures of you:

promote us in two places immediately: my livejournal, friends livejournal
anything else we should know?: eating lime green popsicles makes my day 500% better

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